• biggest-goals

    3 x my current life goals

    I have been thinking a lot about my dreams and goals lately, mainly because the end of my PhD is nearing. I’m also starting to realize how incredibly personal dreams and…

  • erotic-novels

    6 x my favorite erotic books

    It’s been five (!) years since Fifty Shades of Grey was released and I (and millions of other women) got lost in the world of Ana and Christian Grey. Although the…

  • my-biggest-regrets

    My top 5 biggest regrets

    Yesterday I read a study which is circulating the internet, about people’s biggest regrets. The study was published in Social Psychological and Personality Science in 2011 and had a surprising finding.…

  • borrowed-time

    Monday Motivation #5: Borrowed Time

    On Friday, Pixar released its short movie ‘Borrowed Time’, directed by Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj, who have been working on the short for the last five years. The short has…

  • fit-for-life

    My go-to diet to lose weight

    Like most people, I sometimes gain a little weight. Most often after going on vacation or after a lazy period where I don’t feel like working out as much. Also, I…

  • sick-of-going-to-the-gym

    Why I’m tired of going to the gym

    I started going to the gym about three years ago. Before that I tried a bunch of different work outs like yoga, running and rope jumping. For me, going to the…

  • pasta-pie-2
    Food Vegan recipes

    Recipe: Pasta pie

    Oooh, I am SO excited about this recipe! It combines my two favorite foods: pasta and pie! It is beautiful so perfect to serve at a dinner party to impress your…