• weird-habits

    5 x my strange sleeping habits

    If you know me, you know I love to sleep. When I was younger ‘sleeping in’ meant sleeping till noon, at least. Now that I am older I am not able…

  • tofu-tartare
    Food Vegan recipes

    Recipe: Tofu tartare

    One of the first recipes on my blog was a beautiful crab and avocado tartare. I posted it before I decided to only post 100% plant-based recipes on my blog. However,…

  • eqvita11

    Review: Eqvita Restaurant in Monaco

    Ever since I heard about the opening of a new vegan restaurant in Monaco, I wanted to eat there. So last week I dragged my carnivore boyfriend to Eqvita in Monaco,…

  • gratitude-journal

    5 things I am grateful for

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a gratitude journal and every night I write down three things that I am grateful for, or three things that went well that day.…

  • bikini-body

    How to love your body in a bikini

    A lot of women (needlessly) worry about their weight – especially during bikini season. For many women wearing a bikini or a bathing suit can be very uncomfortable and take a…

  • blogging-abroad

    4 x why blogging abroad is awesome

    I’m writing this post from the beautiful French Riviera, where I spend a lot of my summer vacations. This year is the first time I’ve brought my laptop along to keep…