• guilty-pleasures

    5 x my guilty pleasures

    I believe in eating healthily, taking care of yourself and maintaining a healthy weight. That doesn’t mean never eating potato chips, or fries or chocolate chip cookies (just a few of…

  • inspiration

    My top five instant sources of inspiration

    We all have days when we’re feeling uninspired and a little down. In this blogpost I share five of my instant inspiration boosters, which always get me back up. Whether it’s…

  • taking-my-own-advice

    Time to take my own advice

    Today’s blogpost is a very personal one. In most of my blogposts I “preach” to everyone to find what you love, follow your dreams, and listen to yourself no matter what.…

  • my-passion

    The five golden rules of soul-searching

    Do you ever feel lost? Unsure about where you’re going, or what you should be doing? Are you doing a lot of soul-searching but still feel kind of ‘stuck’? Keep calm…

  • vacation

    The strangeness of going on vacation

    As many of you know, I went on holiday in August, for three weeks. I take a summer vacation every year and I always really look forward to it. But going…

  • veggie-chips
    Food Vegan recipes

    Recipe: Veggie chips

    These healthy vegetable chips are a great snack – easy to make, low-fat and a good way to eat more vegetables. The advantage to making these yourself, as opposed to buying…

  • a-late-bloomer

    5 x why I’m a late bloomer

    I’ve always thought of myself as a new soul (contrary to what other people have told me) mainly because I consider myself a late bloomer. In this blogpost I share five…